It Was A Real Pleasure

Dear Carole; My mother and I are very pleased that the sale of 53 Dundurn was completed yesterday for a good price. Thank you very much for the major role you played in making this happen. It was a real pleasure to work with you on this. I really like your style - professional, personable, no nonsense, fast moving, and clever in negotiating. I really appreciate your extensive experience and good understanding of the Lawrence Park market. I think that it was a great strategy to move as quickly as possible on the sale. Thanks for your help with the garage sale, which netted $700 and reduced costs of getting rid of things. When I spoke to my mother last night, she was elated and more animated than she had been in a long time. We hope for a period of reasonable health for her during which she can enjoy life in her new home in the Dunfield. Thanks again for the fine job you did.
- Larry Woods, Lawrence Park
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